I'm a dietician that helps adults living with chronic conditions make healthy food choices to manage symptoms and prevent complications 

Call us to book your appointment if:

  • You are pre-diabetic and you want to prevent starting medication and you are not sure what to eat to minimize the risk

  • Your sugars are not controlled and you are overwhelmed by food choices to get your health on track

  • You are feeling unwell due to symptoms and you want to optimise your overall health

  • You want to lower your cholesterol levels

  • You have elevated blood pressure or you already are on treatment and you want to eat healthy

  • You have developed kidney failure and you need guidance with your meals

  • You suffer from ulcers, oesophagitis, gastritis and acid reflux

  • You suffer from poor appetite, nausea, vomiting iron deficiency anaemia due to cancer or HIV/AIDS

We can help you make the right food choices to achieve the desired outcomes

What you need for your appointment:

  • Your ID book

  • Cash Preferred

  • Medical Aid Card

  • Referral Letter

Other information

  • We check benefits for you and confirm your app 24hrs before

  • We are contracted to all medical aids

  • There is ample parking inside the building via Convent Road

  • Cancel appointment 24hrs before the actual appointment

  • No show fee will be charged for appointment cancelled < 24hrs

Schedule a Free Discovery Call

Let’s take a little time to chat—get to know each other, find out what you’re hoping to achieve on your health journey.

  • Take the very first step in transforming your health.

  • A free 20-minute session.

  • Let us map the way we are going to work.

  • I'll answer any questions you may have during our session.